Our servery sashless windows have a single pane of glass that moves while the other is fixed. This style of window is perfect for servery situations like ticket counters, canteens, cafés or even to give you a stylish access point from your kitchen to your alfresco area at home. Servery sashless windows can also be made bottom fixed to give you added security on your second storey (or higher) windows or around a pool area to meet council requirements.
Jewel Sashless Windows - Severy Sashless Windows


  • Excellent for any area requiring servery functionality
  • Popular in cafes and restaurants to give an indoor / outdoor feel
  • Maximise your view and space
  • Added security for 'fall out' areas while still allowing for ventilation
  • Available in both single and double glazed options
  • WERS rated
  • BAL 12.5 BAL 29 compliant (BAL 40 coming soon)

Available Configurations

Servery Sashless Window - Code 2PBF
Window Code 2PBF
Servery Sashless Window  - Code 2PTF
Window Code 2PTF
Servery Sashless Window  - Code 3PTBF
Window Code 3PTBF

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